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20+ years experience in information and communication technologies
Transform your AI vision into Reality
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Tarek brings an infectious passion and intensity to all of his responsibilities.
Cameron M (Senior Director)

Tarek is committed to achieving market changing capabilities through the pragmatic and actionable use of cutting edge technology, especially in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He led some ground breaking efforts.

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Tarek is one of the finest technology leaders I have worked with
Chayan A (lead engineer)

Tarek’s passion for technology is contagious(in a good way).It was Tarek’s vision that led to the transformation of a legacy application to a state of the art and modern web portal. Also, it was his leadership and customer centric vision that helped our product to take a leap into the world of mobile platforms. Tarek’s “Customer First” approach was key to fixing many long term pestering bugs and thereby enhancing business value of the product Tarek is a fantastic mentor and has an aura of energy around him when he is discussing technology with our team.

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Tarek is one of the most creative people that I worked with in my career ….
Hammad A (CIO)

His ability to mold technology in order to build solutions that solve real world problems is uncanny. A unique combination of dedication, passion and intelligence makes him a rare commodity in the generic technology-buzz ridden leaders market that we find ourselves dwelling in these days. He is rare gem that I have seen grow from raw to seasoned in record time and he will always have a place in my organization, not that I think he will ever need to look for a job.

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Tarek brings a unique combination of hands-on technical and research skills, business acumen and commercial focus.
Khalid K (SVP)

Tarek’s infectious energy for building products and getting things done is an asset to any organization

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Tarek never failed to amaze me.
Samir N (emerging talent)

Tarek’s passion for technology and innovation is unparalleled by any one in the work-force. He is always informed on the latest technologies, and constantly broadening his knowledge base. He dedicates everything to work, then goes home takes care of his family, and is still publishing papers and learning new software. Tarek pushed for innovative projects for interns, allowing for us to see the potential of technology at our office. He gave me advice, challenged me, and always saw the next step, even when I didn’t.